Planning for 2016 - Webinar Resources

Thank you for registering for the 2016 planning webinar!  This is the resources page and contains the video recording of the live webinar and a list of the resources mentions 🙂

If you have any questions just let me know – email Michelle

Lets make 2016 the best year ever!!  And the best way to do that is to PLAN to succeed 🙂

Another way to ensure your success in 2016 is to join the Roaming Income Leap Year Challenge – where we’ll hold your hand through every step of creating and selling your very own digital product (and roaming income)!  Early bird closes 31st December and the challenge starts on 1st February – the leap month. So leap over there and register so your 2016 is guaranteed to end with a digital product/s (and possibly a Caribbean Cruise!).. 🙂

Live 2016 Planning Webinar


The link to your copy of the 2016 spreadsheet and the websites/resources mentioned in the webinar are listed below the video.

Love to hear what you think..  Any questions?  Come to the Mission Mojo Facebook group Any problems let me know: Email Michelle


Here’s a bunch of links from the recording:

2016 Planning Spreadsheet: Dropbox link

Google analytics:

Videolicious :



Youtube Channel:





IFTTT (If This Then That):

PPC Google (Adwords):

PPC Facebook:

Roaming Income Leap Year Challenge

This is a quick reminder about the Roaming Income Leap Year challenge – designed to guarantee 2016 will be the year you create and sell a digital product that will give you a freedom income (a Roaming Income ;-))..  Come and learn from those that have already done it and are currently living a freedom lifestyle EVERYDAY!

Here is our introduction video – head over to Roaming Income and get registered now so we can help you leap into your roaming business now!

Challenge starts 1st February 2016 and will look a little like this:

1 – 29 February – Daily virtual handholding – webinars, training, Q and As etc.

March – July – monthly masterminds, webinars and a supportive facebook group (only open to roaming tribe members)


3 part digital product kickstarter course

Entry to the amazing house sitting academy

Numerology reading to identify your gifts and challenges

15 – 17 January 2016: 2.5 days in a kickstarter mastermind group – Gold Coast, Aust. (limited numbers – first come first served)

April 2016: 2.5 days in a kickstarter mastermind group – Frisco, Colorado, USA (limited numbers – first come first served)

September 2016: A celebratory cruise on the Caribbean!  (please note the cruise will be at your expense, but you will have the funds by then – we will provide the networking and celebrating opportunity)

Register now before the end of the early bird: Roaming Income Leap Year Challenge