Recordings of our Facebook Live Videos Week Two
Content repurpose Kickoff – 8th October

  • Types of Content
  • Sharing your content
  • Plan, Automate and Track
Live Q and A / Check in – 9th October

  • Don’t get over whelmed
  • Just start creating your marketing collateral
Live Q and A / Check in – 10th October

  • Filling your marketing collateral folder – a success habit!
  • Schedule in Buffer
  • Please post your images into the group
Live Q and A / Check in – 11th October

  • Are you stuck?
  • Support each other – use buffer to share other members posts
  • Would you like the challenge to be run regularly so we can all create together?
Live Q and A / Check in – 12th October

  • Answered questions on:
    • Fiverr
    • Bitly links and SEO
    • Facebook videos verse embedded Youtube videos
Live Q and A / Check in – 13th October

  • Storage systems for all your marketing Collateral
  • Buffer issues?
  • When to schedule posts
  • The future of the Challenge
Live Q and A / Check in – 14th October – Final LIVE check in!

  • Congratulations to everyone!  So proud of the amazing work you’ve all done 🙂
  • **Challenge is not going away – new updated version on the way…