Recordings of our Facebook Live Videos

Week One

Kickoff – 1st October

Live Q and A / Check in – 2nd October

BIG questions: Do you have a topic? & Are you writing yet?


Live Q and A / Check in – 3rd October

Finding time to write – Schedule it, use syncing tools so you can write in down times (waiting for kids, catching the train/bus, waiting for appointments etc.)

Now go write – the clock is ticking!


Live Q and A / Check in – 4th October

Getting your headline sorted out!

A headline formula: A number OR a trigger word + adjective + keyword + promise

Examples:  number example – 5 simple steps to starting your very own freedom business today! and a trigger example – How you can easily start a digital business from scratch.

Some useful tools to play with 🙂


Live Q and A / Check in – 5th October

Today was all about images and the importance of the feature image in a blog post and whether to post multiple images in your post.

The main resource we talked about is Canva – there is a basic how to video above 🙂

Here is a list of other websites where you can get free or paid images to use in your marketing:

Love to see your images in the Facebook Group!


Live Q and A / Check in – 6th October

Getting to the sticky end of your blog post -EDITING!

Probably my least favourite thing, but it has to be done!

Tips: Step away from the computer, read it aloud, ask someone else to read it, using grammarly/spell checker to pick up things you’ve missed, find a buddy in the group to swap articles with, see if you can cut a bit (less is more sometimes), watch out for perfectionism (an ok post that is on your website is better than the post that never leaves your computer), remember you can always make changes to it once its posted (its not carved in stone).

Post your post link to Facebook Group over the next couple of days – we’d all love to read you’re Epic work! 🙂

Live Q and A / Check in – 7th October

The word today is PUBLISH!  We’d love to read your EPIC posts – please post a link in the Facebook Group 🙂