3 Steps to Inspiring Others to Trust you and your Business


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Only $19 investment

Does your business inspire others to trust you?

Online business can be so cold and removed from reality that many of us find it hard to make a connection with our potential customers!  After all, you can’t really look them in the eye, can you?  After 13 + years in business (mostly online) I’ve found there are three steps that can take you from a complete stranger online to an inspiration to your potential clients..  These steps are not hard and you can put them in place tomorrow – to start working for your business!  

Would you like to attract more customers to your offer?  Convert more browsers to sales?

Of course you would 🙂

People buy from people NOT from businesses..

Do you think you are relatable to your customers?  If not, you should be – when a customer feels they can relate to you in some way they are more likely to buy from you (and your business) not just once but over and over again – they want a relationship with you and your business BECAUSE it inspires them to be better! 

This Tuesday 6th October, I’m running a special webinar to show you how to find the thing in your life that will inspire your customers to know like and trust you and your business in a flash!

The webinar starts in








Find out the 3 steps that will make you and your business Inspirational to your customers…

I’m asking just $19 for you to attend this webinar (or have access to the recording) – this will just cover the cost of running the webinar!  Plus there will be time for questions 🙂

Its a small investment that will lead to you developing long lasting trust with your customers who will stay with you for a lifetime!

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you on Tuesday 6th October at: 8am Eastern USA/1pm London/2pm GMT+1 (Rome – where I am at the moment :))/10pm Eastern Australia!

Michelle   XO

P.S. The other reason I’m charging for this webinar is that I’ve found people are more likely to take action (including JUST watching the webinar) if they have to pay to participate – and I hate when people don’t take action, its such a waste!

P.P.S. As a surprise bonus ONE registered person will get a 30 minute consult with me to work through their current freedom business questions!  But you have to register to be in with a chance of winning this consultation worth $75.00!

Surprise webinar bonus