Are you making the most of every minute?

Hi there,

I’m super glad you made it to this website and onto my about page – it means you’re thinking we could work together in some way!  And that makes me very excited 🙂

You’re on this page because you want to know a little more about me and what Mission Mojo could do for you!  Right?

Well, a little about me first and then I’ll touch on how Mission Mojo can help you reach your freedom lifestyle.

I’m a mum (or mom if you’re in the USA) of 5 children – 2 of which have flown the nest and one of which has already started his own family, making me also a grandmother of two at the ripe old age of 47 🙂  I love them all dearly and they are a big part of the drive I have to succeed – to show them that life can be what ever you want it to be, so dream big!

I had a carefree childhood growing up on a tiny Island of 1000 – 1500 people called King Island.  King Island is in the middle of a stretch of water between Tasmania and the mainland of Australia, called Bass Strait.  Eventually, I started my career in education as a teacher and although I loved teaching kids, I resented the limits on my earning capacity as a teacher and the impost on my time.  I hated having to be ‘at school’ between 8am and 4pm everyday of the week.  I started to think I just wasn’t cut out to be ‘employed’, I wanted to decide when I worked and how much I earned!

I wanted to be my own boss

When child number 4 came along I decided to stay home for a bit and play mummy – it took very little time for me to get ‘bored’ and wanting to stretch myself past cooking, cleaning, sewing and child minding.  So I started to explore this thing called the Internet – it was 2002!  Before long I was at a big conference learning how to create a digital product which I could sell online.  I can’t tell you how excited I was by this information and the freedom I could see that this kind of business was going to give me and my family!

Once you create a digital income its rather hard to just turn it off!

I won’t bore you will all the details, but I created a digital product and started selling it online – in fact I still sell the same product and versions of it to this day!  You see once you create a digital income its rather hard to just turn it off 🙂  This became a sort of hobby business for me for a while as my husband was working away a lot and I was busy having our last and rather unexpected child!  While this was going on the digital product kept ticking over and putting money into my PayPal account.

Fast forward a few years to 2005, Simon (my husband) was working away for long periods interstate.  I took the kids up to his work for a short holiday and Simon realised that our youngest wasn’t even sure who he was!  That was the turning point – Simon literally walked out of that very well paying job and has never worked for another person since 🙂  He came and joined me in my little “online” business and together we turned my hobby business into a real digital business.  We created more digital products, created and ran a niche online community, made websites for local businesses and learned a whole lot about working online.

This new Internet thingy

In fact we learned so much that by 2008 local business development agencies were asking us to come and coach local businesses in this new Internet thingy!  So we spent the next 6 years delivering workshops and coaching for state and federal governments in Australia to local business.  We’ve now coached thousands of small businesses to build their business online and grow their market place!  And wow, its been a ride – we even won a couple of awards for our work, one of them was a national award!

Geez – not another JOB – how did that happen?

All this sounds fantastic but in 2013 we realised we had created ourselves another job – we did love what we were doing but we were also getting very worn out and we wanted some of our time back!

Life is short, make the most of it!

In 2013 I also ran into a couple of health issues:- we discovered I had a very small tumour on my optic nerve – its not life threatening but does require some medication and monitoring so as to not interfere with my eye sight!   Then to top it off, 2 weeks after my fastest marathon (yes, I like to run) when I was feeling in great shape, I had a minor stroke out of no where – it was very weird and more stressful for Simon than me.  There have been no lasting effects, although Simon does look at me funny if I say I can’t remember something! LOL

In 2013 our youngest (Sebastian) was also diagnosed with an Audio Processing disorder, which explained his failure to thrive at school as his obvious intelligence suggested he should!  This means he can’t take in too many auditory instructions at once and remember them – just imagine how well that goes down at school!  His psychologist suggested that the school environment was not going to be the best place for him to develop his self esteem, mostly because he felt dumb and couldn’t keep up with his friends..

mmm… what to do?

We hatched a plan with the three kids we had left at home … lets “run away”!  Or Up Sticks And Go as we called out travel blog 🙂

We gave ourselves 12 months to get organised to leave home and “travel the world”.  Every day the five of us would sit around a large map of the world and talk about where we each wanted to go.  We had a wall sized white board with the months on it and all the things that needed to be done by the end of each month, including packing our house, renting it, finding places for our pets, organising the kids schooling and developing our digital income back to a level that could support us again!

the up sticks and go family

A Family Friendly Freedom Lifestyle…

In June 2014 we started our life of freedom and have been ‘free’ ever since.  Thanks to our digital income we can be any where in the world as long as there is an Internet connection.  We returned home after 18 months of traveling and moved to the beach.  The decision to choose a freedom lifestyle has made us strong as a family unit – while we were full-time travelling it was just the five of us as a team out there in the world.  We created memories that can never be taken away and had experiences that have moulded us into better people.

We’re now living at the beach and the kids have returned to traditional school – the reports coming from the school are very positive with all the kids doing above average in their studies.   After traveling for 18 months and talking to loads of people I realised that there are a lot of freedom seekers out there who had the same wanderlust in their eyes that I had a few years ago – in fact just meeting us makes there eyes sparkle with possibility!  You see they realised that we’re just a normal family living a not so normal life, and if we can take our kids and hit the road so can they!

These same people are often full of a thousand questions about how we do this?  I answer as best I can but I soon realised that there is a real need for someone to show the way to a family friendly lifestyle!  A life where you dictate how many hours you work, where you work from and how much money you make and more importantly how many hours you spend with your kids!

Introducing Mission Mojo

I’m sure there are a number of ways to create a freedom income but the way I know best is the thing I’ve been doing and coaching since 2002 and thats creating a digital income.  I would love to help you and your family have the freedom to choose the life you want – get in touch and lets see if we can work this out together 🙂Michelle Frost

I’ve racked my brain to come up with the best way to take you from where you are now to your freedom family lifestyle and decided that the best and fastest way for me to help you is to coach you “one on one”.  If you’re eyes are full of wanderlust and you want a better relationship with your kids then I want to hear from you today before I get booked out!

The Mission Mojo mission is to help as many families as possible to live a freedom lifestyle!

I believe in you, in fact if we can do it you certainly can – we can do this together 🙂



P.S. Sebastian, our child with audio processing issues – amongst many things, is reading much better, has already taught himself piano and has a much improved self esteem.

P.P.S. Don’t tell Simon I cut him out of the picture – oops! LOL

Don’t wait for the perfect time – it is now!  And if not now then when?

You owe it to your family if not to your self to live the best life you can – are you doing that right now?

Here is a funny little recording I found recently – it was a TV interview in 2014 when we were guest speakers at a small business expo!  The recording was done straight off the TV and onto my phone, hence the poor quality and the fact that you can hear my mum in the background! LOL