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Your Digital Marketing Secret Weapon


Receive an individual social media marketing plan for your business every month – relax while we do the thinking for you!


You need a Digital Marketing Plan

If you have a business in 2016 you understand that a presence online including social media in vital.  Your customers are there, your competitors are there so its imperative you’re “THERE” also.

But where do you find the “TIME”?  You’re so busy running your business and managing your own social life.  Who has time to manage your businesses social life as well?  Just thinking about marketing your business online is enough to make you despair.

Luckily, we have a perfect solution for time strapped business owners like you 🙂

Without a digital marketing plan your marketing efforts probably look like this:


Each month you:

  • You can’t find time to create content for your website – even though you know you should!
  • Worry about what you should be doing to market your business on social media?
  • You struggle with where your customers are in social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube?
  • You stress about what your competitors are doing on social media?
  • Then you post two updates on your Facebook page about a sale you’re having.
  • And finally you cross your fingers and hope that those two post on Facebook bring you new customers!

Then you worry about the results (or lack of them)…


Without a plan your results probably look like this:

  • Your website visitor numbers are embarrassing
  • No new likes – in fact your fan base has gone down
  • Your Facebook page is like a desert – there’s no interaction what so ever
  • You just don’t have time to work out how to use social media to attract customers
  • To make matters worst your competitors appear to be doing a great job on social media
  • You feel at a loss as to what to do next.

Imagine what your social media results could be if…

each month your business:

  • focused on a one central topic
  • posted 4 awesome articles to your website

  • shared 16 + links to juicy content on the web with your online community

  • posted 12 beautiful images on social media that linked back to your website

  • and posted regular spontaneous personality driven updates

each month your business was provided with:

  • a individual content marketing calendar – outlining when and what has to be done
  • relevant researched content topics

  • simple post outlines and article headings

  • juicy links to awesome content already on the web
  • beautiful images branded to your business

And all you had to do was :

  • Follow the calendar
    • Write or commission 4 articles
    • Post the articles to your blog
    • Approve the juicy links and beautiful images
    • Respond to all comments on your blog and social media.
    • Enjoy the feeling of social media that works for your business.

And now your social media is working for you and your business…

Your Peace of Mind For Just $97 per month

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Introducing the answer to your social media rut..

the Social Mojo Content Calendar

The Social Mojo Content Calendar, is a social media marketing plan that will rapidly become your secret weapon in conquering the social media marketing puzzle.  No longer will you struggle to come up with interesting relevant content ideas for your website and your social media.  They will be sent to you each and every month inside the Social Mojo Content Calendar.

The Social Mojo content calendar will contain your posting schedule for the month ahead. 

All you have to do is open it to see what you should be doing to market your business online each day of the month.  So powerful!!

This is what you’ll find each and every month inside your individual Social Mojo Content Calendar:


A researched monthly theme targeted to your customers


4 article topic ideas based on your monthly theme – with 8 top heading/title suggestions

16 juicy links to relevant industry articles with individual captions – scheduled and waiting for your approval

12 beautiful images branded to your business – scheduled and waiting for your approval


Your published blog articles will be syndicated across the web – spreading your business even further.

Loads more likes, shares, comments, sign ups and ultimately sales!

Your Peace of Mind For Just $97 per month

 Encore discount only $67 for the first month

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