Life Long Customers Webinar Recording

Fantastic to see you here – it means you’re taking action – you registered for the Life Long Customers Webinar and now you’re about to watch the recording (and if you attended the live webinar then you’re about to watch it again – wow ;-)).

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You will find the recording of the Life Long Customers webinar here, plus you’ll see a resource list and depending on when you come here, the video will be time stamped.

The videos can be watched below.  Do let me know if you have any questions?  Plus you can come and join us in the Mission Mojo Facebook Group, where we chat about everything freedom business and lifestyle related 🙂

3 Steps to Life Long Customers

This is the recording of the Life Long Customers webinar!  Below the video you will see a bunch of resources that are mentioned in the webinar.

The simplified three steps:

1 – Get Inspired your self

2 – Find and create your own story

3 – Inspire others with your story



Story example:

Flip Board:


Ted Talks:

Itunes podcasts:


Mind Mapping Software:

Networking (Mission Mojo Facebook Group):  Mission Mojo Facebook Group

6 tips from John Bates:


Register for the next webinar – Tuesday 13th:  The link will be available shortly – topic – how to stay motivated as a freedom business owner!

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