I recently did an interview on ABC Radio – it was about what it was like to return home after being away for 18 months.  The above audio is from that interview and reflects on just a couple of the things our children learnt during our travel.  They are particular skills that they wouldn’t have had the time to concentrate on had we been leading a normal life.  Our typical western life is very scheduled and we pride ourselves in multitasking – it doesn’t allow for large blocks of time to concentrate on any particular skills.

Its these large blocks of time that allowed our kids to immerse themselves in particular skills – especially skills that they were interested in.  We are always telling our kids that they need to practice to get good at things but then we fill their days with other activities.  The same can be said for our own attempt at acquiring new skills as adult – finding the time to devote to these skills is not easy when we succumb to the rat-race and all the distractions that are around us every day.

I find strategies like blocking time, getting an accountability/practice partner and setting myself up to “not fail” the day before – to me that means getting my running clothes out and confirming my running date with friends.

What strategies do you have in your life to help dedicate the time you need to acquire the skills you’re interested in exploring?  Or do you just say: “I’m too busy to … ”