This my first post here so I wanted to say welcome to my new home – this website is especially for women like me who:

  • want to live a different life full of wanderous freedom!
  • want to taste the sweet and the sour of life!
  • want to smile and laugh every day!
  • want to create choose where in the past they only saw doubt!
  • want to be strong and wild but also soft and compassionate!
  • want their own space to be them selves!
  • want to make and break the rules!
  • want to explore this amazing planet and visit all its people!
  • want to be in control of their own destiny – do not ever tell me what to do 😉
  • want to inspire their children to grow wings and live adventurous Freedom lives!

Thats a load of wants and I could add many more – how ever I feel it all boils down to the Freedom to Choose – I want to have the freedom to choose how I live and I also want this for my children and for YOU!

This website is all about me helping you to create more choice in your life in the only way I know – by teaching you how I did it, how I broke free with my family to live a “freedom lifestyle”.  Its money that gives you choice and for me the money comes from have a digital business that I can take any where – now I have money AND I’m mobile.  If this is something you’d like me to help you with check out my Private Coaching and lets have a chat to see what I can do to get you and your family FREE!

I’m writing this to you from Fromello in Italy which is just outside of Rome!  We have a 10 month house sit here in a lovely villa – it a magic place to hang out and explore for a bit!  Rome is over 16,000 km from our home in Australia, so we’ve already traveled quite a way to get here 🙂

Hope we can connect online or even better in person!



P.S. The photo above is of the lovely Ana who looked after us in Indonesia! X