As you know, “listening” to your customers is vital in any business – we recently created a new service here at Mission Mojo because we heard what our clients had to say.

Before I tell you exactly what it is and how you can be one of the first to get hold of it, let me tell you why we think you need it…

The one thing we heard over and over again is..

“I do not have time to market my business in social media!”

After years of hearing this statement we decided to examine it a little more – after all, we all have the same amount of time in the day….  So we spent the last few months observing a number of local businesses and their interaction with social media.  And what we discovered was not what we expected…

You see many of these business owners did spent time in social media most days, but they had no direction, they just posted what ever came into their minds.  The results were not great as you can imagine!

We questioned a few of them and they told us that they were tired at the end of the day and just didn’t know what to post or they had some stock they needed to move on so they posted that..

mmm, we were starting to understand the problem more clearly!

These business owners were feeling the way I did years ago around meal time – “oh damn, I’ve no idea what we’re eating tonight and no idea whats in the cupboard!”.  This was a constant pain in my preverbal, every single day…  maybe you understand?

Then one day (a Sunday), I decided to do a meal plan for the next 2 weeks.  After that I created a non perishable shopping list from that meal plan…  Honestly, it was a bit of a pain to do the first time but after 1 hour it was done – I knew exactly what I would be feeding my family and had a list of the groceries I needed to buy!

Wow, what a change it has made to my days – For the last 15+ years I have not had to suffer that end of the day panic about what I was going to feed my family because every two weeks I create a meal plan for the weeks ahead!  ah the peace… 🙂

(I won’t even go into how it saves you money because you’re not having to pop into the supermarket every day!)

How does our daily meal planning relate to your business and social media?  Great question…

The only thing our frustrated business owners need was a social media content plan!  This would take away the pain of social media marketing immediately…

Introducing the Social Mojo Content Calendar!

To solve this major problem for small business, we’ve created a service where we send you a marketing calendar full of individual content ideas for your business each and every month – all you need do is look at the calendar to see what you should be doing each day!  How easy does that sound?

We’re taking away the pain of planning your social media content so you can smoothly and seamlessly build your business using social media (just like your competitors are doing)… 🙂

Why not check out the Social Mojo Content Calendar now – we’d love to hear your thoughts?  Would this be useful to you in your business?

Click here to check out the Social Mojo Content Calendar

Finally, a quick warning, as this is a service we have limited capacity – if you’re interested don’t wait to claim your spot 🙂