How often have you heard people talk about “digital products and services” in the last few years ?  A fair bit I would guess, especially if you’ve landed here 🙂  When I first began teaching people about the wonderful world of digital products I would often look out into the audience and see nothing but blank stares looking back at me?  And if I wasn’t careful I could turn the blank stares into complete confusion as I went off onto a tangent about electrons and eventually the cloud etc.

However I soon realised I was talking to small business owners and I changed my language – instead we talked about training courses, stock on hand, postage and a bunch of other common small business terms.  I would get a tingle down my spine every time I said – you create it once and then you sell it over and over again – no inventory, no postage, just profit.  The business owners that got this would suddenly have this massive smile on their face, as if I’d opened up Aladdin’s cave by saying “open sesame” – just thinking about it now and I feel the same tingle 🙂

Yep, I’m in love with digital products and services!  Why?  Well because they open up a world of possibility to those that want to jump into the digital pool.

A digital product can be delivered in a digital format such as ebooks, audios, videos and image.  You can create a simple ebook to show a group of people how to do something or you can create a whole membership site where people learn from you regularly via text, audio, images and video all online.  You may even go comparatively low tech and send out a weekly newsletter via email to your hungry crowd – this is also a digital product.  Perhaps your children already watch particular Youtube channels the way you used to watch the same afternoon kids shows?  This is also a digital product.

There are also digital services which are basically any service which can be delivered via digital means – such as web development, graphic design, content writing, software development, social media management, search engine optimisation, online coaching etc.

To simply answer the question – digital products and services are products and services which can be delivered digitally/online.

Why do I love them?  They have been in my life since about 1998 and I’ve been creating my own since 2002, so they’ve been a big part of what I do and who I am.  Digital products give you the opportunity to create something of value out of thin air – to share your knowledge with a wide audience in a way that prior to the internet was very difficult.  They’ve changed how you “do business” by allowing everyone the technology to create and sell to the masses.  The internet (and digital business) has been a massive levelling tool for those that are entrepreneurial like me and YOU 🙂