You know your life will be better, more fulfilling & full of choice! one day….  People probably look at you right now and think you already have it all what more could you possibly want?  But you do want more, you want control over your future and that of your kids, you want to be your own boss, you want to decide when to take holidays (and how long to take them for) and when to pick the kids up after school or send them on the bus!  And importantly you want to be in control of how much money you can earn!  You’re very clever and understand that money gives you choice and freedom in your and your families life – you realise you want to start a business – a freedom business!

A freedom (family friendly) business…

But how? and what? and where do you start?  and the biggest question of all – can YOU really start and run your own business successfully?  The doubt starts almost straight away! You’ve read loads of stories about other people starting businesses and being successful.  You especially love reading the stories about the new online businesses started by mum-preneurs who are now spending lots of time with their children – many of them traveling the world with their kids before they don’t want to hang out with “mum” (or mom in the USA) anymore!  The portability of a digital business appeals to your wanderlust and desire to not be tied down!  Plus you’ve read that the online market place is basically the new ‘mall’ but with a much larger customer base.  Even with all this knowledge you’re STUCK at the point of not know what you could possibly sell online, even though you’ve got a very successful career in the ‘real world’!

When you think about a digital business you get very excited because you can see the freedom it will give your family!

There’s a massive desire within you to:

Be your own boss

Show your children that a freedom lifestyle is possible for them (in fact its the new normal)

To create something you and your family will be proud of

To provide a product or service online that is needed by an online community

Satisfy your wanderlust

To do something different!

I’m Michelle Frost, and I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I’ve been there!

For so long I was afraid that I didn’t really have what it takes to be a successful business owner. I felt like a dreamer, and I was so tired of hiding my desire to be my own boss and start my own business. I remember dropping the kids to school, rushing to Uni or work, having very little time to call my own let alone to spend with the kids! All this rushing around and not only did it feel like I was on a treadmill but I was very unhappy – this was what my ‘career’ was supposed to be like! Yes between my husband and I we were making enough money to pay the bills and have a holiday a few times a year, but the quality of our life in between was awful! My husband worked away for months on end and the kids barely got to see him. At one stage we visited him for a couple of weeks when our youngest was turning 2 years old and Simon (my husband) realised that Sebastian didn’t really know who he was and that he’d missed out on his first steps and his first words! That was the turning point for our family – Simon quit his job a few weeks later and came home for good 🙂

A small online digital information business

Luckily a few years earlier I had started a small online digital information business in between the fourth and fifth (and last) child – when Simon quit work he started working with me and we turned my hobby business into a real fully fledged business – in the beginning it wasn’t easy but we were together as a family, building our freedom business and importantly we were happy! (and still are!) Move on 2 years from there and our little digital marketing business had 3 full time staff in the Philippines (which we still have) and people were asking us to start coaching – which we did!  For the next 5+ years we ran our digital marketing business, ran a couple of hundred workshops and coached 100’s of local businesses to grow online!  WOW.. We even won a couple of business awards – one of them a national award! But again we started to feel like our time was not our own any more – we were feeling tied to one spot – the workshops and coaching were all face to face and paid by the hour work..  How had this happened? We sat the kids down (only three left at home by this stage) and suggested a daring escape plan that would take a year to plan!  We suggested to them that the five of us pack our bags and travel the world for 18 months! The youngest was 9 at this stage and said “does that mean no school for 18 months?” – “Sort of” I said – he said “lets go!”

We spent the next 12 months planning our big adventure and building our digital income up so that it could again support us as we traveled the world. After 12 months of eating dinner over a world map, packing all our worldly goods into one room, convincing the grandparents to look after our pets, leasing our house out and generally running around like a blue arsed fly (Australia colloquialism) we left Tasmania, Australia in June 2014!

Make the most of every day!

During the 12 months of planning/packing we also had a few ‘hiccups‘ that reinforced in us that we’d made the right choice – it was like the universe giving us more reasons to tackle this seemingly crazy/unorthodox thing! One of those events was me having a mild stroke or TIA – when these things happen you realise that you should make the most of every moment of every day, you just don’t know whats around the corner… During our trip we traveled to every state and territory in Australia accept one, visited 5 Asian countries and 10 European countries. We explored amazing places, had life changing experiences and created life long memories with our kids – which will always be with us.  After 18 months away we returned to Tasmania in November 2015 and now live at the beach, continuing our freedom lifestyle:)   We’ve done all this (leading a family friendly freedom lifestyle) while we’ve run our digital businesses! I now spend most days jogging on the beach or through the local national park, hanging out with my kids, walking the dog on the beach with my husband, mediating on the deck and helping other freedom seekers to create digital products so they too can create the life of their dreams. We created a travel blog to document our adventure: Up Sticks and Go. Is this the kind of life you want? One where you make the choices about how to spend your day and you get to develop real relationships with your kids (they aren’t kids forever)? During the 18 months we travelled the world with our kids, I talked to many women, most of whom wanted to know how we managed to do this?  How did we created this freedom lifestyle for our family?  And how could they do it too?  These questions were tossing and turning in my head until I decided I really needed to do something, to start coaching other freedom seekers to develop freedom businesses so that they too could have freedom lifestyles – no matter what freedom means to them!

Our freedom digital business looks a little like this:

Personalised Digital Business Coaching

Niche digital information products

Digital business webinar coaching series’s

Affiliate products

High-end Digital Marketing service

A little travel blogging


spots left, in Michelle's private coaching program - GUARANTEED to take you from zero to your 1st digital product

While we were away we promised ourselves to never again have so much of our income tied to a place – i.e. we want to be able to travel if and when we want. We love our life (the beach is awesome) – we’ve discovered that all we need is an internet connection to have a freedom lifestyle!  And believe it or not, its actually cheaper to have a traveling lifestyle than to stay at home! So what do you want your next 20 years to look like?


‘Create a digital business that supports your Freedom Family’

Mission Mojo Private Coaching Program with Michelle Frost

I’ve designed this program specifically for you, if you desire to:

  • Be your own boss with an online freedom business that will support you
  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones creating special life long memories
  • Live a freedom lifestyle and be in control of your own destiny

This program has been designed with you in mind – in fact this is a program specifically just for you! What do I mean?  No two programs are the same – each program is developed organically based on your individual goals and needs.  So this really is just for you – to get you into your freedom lifestyle as soon as possible.  Now stop waisting time and lets get started!

Set your freedom lifestyle and supporting business goals

Develop your action steps with time limits

Measure & Evaluate Results and Stop Road Blocks

Set your Freedom lifestyle and supporting business goals

I’m sure you already understand that setting your goals is vital in any endeavour, without goals you will have no direction and you’ll just be flapping around aimlessly – I don’t want this for you.  So I work with you to work out your goals (for lifestyle and business) – there is one step before this to make sure your goals are truly inspiring to you!  I will ask you to write up your perfect day, setting your goals from this perspective will keep you aligned with your ‘why’ by getting you in touch with your personal freedom family lifestyle 🙂 You will:

  • Adjust your ideas about what is possible in your and your families future
  • Set the framework upon which your freedom lifestyle will be build
  • Get so fired up by your new paradigm that nothing will stand between you and your goals
  • Start living and breathing your freedom family lifestyle
  • Use this new vision to decide on an online business model that suits you.
  • Determine the path to having your digital business supporting your lifestyle goals.

Develop your action steps with time limits

This is where the rubber hits the road – we’ll take the goals (you and I) – break them down and set out the action steps required to achieve each goal. Many people don’t take focused action and end up burnt our because they’re just being “busy” and have no idea which direction they’re really heading – I don’t want that for you – I want you to learn how to work smarter by setting actions based on your goals! You will:

  • Develop monthly, weekly and daily ‘achievable’ actions that support your goals
  • Develop the systems necessary to work smarter and not harder – hint: you don’t have to do everything in your business
  • Use online tools to growing your business online
  • Learn how to create a digital product, develop a service or sell real world products online – depending on what your thing is!
  • Learn how to develop a home for your online business that will work for you 24/7
  • Develop steady streams of customers/clients to your online business

Measure & Evaluate Results and Stop roadblocks

The difference between a hobby business and a real business? A real business measures and tests everything – adjusting as necessary to ensure the business is working optimally.  There are a number of ways that we will be measuring and testing your progress together to ensure your success.  Hobby businesses also allow road blocks to pull them up and steal away their dreams – this won’t happen to you. You will:

  • Have an accountability partner every step of the way – we will use software that allows me to see when you have achieved the set actions and when you get stuck, so I can jump in and help – you are never really on your own! Your success in my success..
  • Have access to my 13 years of digital business development experience & coaching – there is nothing we won’t be able to fix – people often get stuck (road-blocks) by the smallest technical issues – not you.
  • Learn how to measure and evaluate the important things in your online business and importantly how to make decisions based on these evaluations.
  • Learn when its time to reset your goals/actions to ensure your heading towards your freedom lifestyle.

You can expect to:

  • Create a solid digital business foundation that makes $10K+ pm possible
  • Have the freedom to work from anywhere with your family 
  • Design a business according to the lifestyle you desire while working in an area you love
  • Develop business systems that can be rinsed and repeated to develop more income in the future
  • Learn and implement the principles of working smarter and not harder

Create a digital business that supports your freedom family coaching program includes:

  • Welcome Packet & Orientation Materials to jumpstart your success. (journalling)
  • Personalise monthly themed marketing plans – including action steps to ensure you reach your target market.
  • 2 coaching calls a month (1 hour each, 2 weeks apart) over a 6 month period.
  • Pre and Post session updates to keep you 100% on track and getting results.
  • Opportunity to record all/any coaching sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience to skyrocket your success.
  • Email support and instant chat for those sticky situations – for the duration of your program.

Investment = $2,500 full payment or 6 instalments of $500 – 6 months of coaching

You’ll learn the necessary steps to create/source, package, price, and sell your offer so you can create the opportunity to make back your investment, plus LOTS LOTS more.  And I’ll be there to hold your hand – you’ll skip all my mistakes!  Importantly you’ll learn how to be free – whats that worth to you?  

There are coaches like me charging $2,000+ per month and many of them are not actually living a freedom lifestyle – come and let me show you the way to the lifestyle you dream about, its just around the corner!  My hourly rate for freelance consulting is $150+ and my monthly commitment to your freedom will be 10+ hours – totalling $9,000 value over 6 months! 

Quick Start Bonus #1 - Valued at $500

2 Hour Skype Intensive – to laser focus you on a particular business idea!

Quick Start Bonus #2 - Valued at $97

Free Access to my Quick Start Digital Product course.

Thats an amazing $9597 value for only $2500 (full payment)

YES, I’m ready to take control over my future!


spots left, in Michelle's private coaching program - GUARANTEED to take you from zero to your 1st digital product

6 months of Private Coaching

Full Payment – $2,500

6 months of Private Coaching

6 monthly Instalments – $500 (total $3,000)

Is this the support you need?

Is this the support you know you need? Where will you be in the next 3-6 months if you continue to go it alone and dwindle your resources?

I’ve been where you are and I know the power of taking action. Get support and promise yourself that you won’t turn around next year, only to find yourself further from your freedom lifestyle, seeing your kids even less, with less resources, and wishing you would have decided to back yourself and get support!

Imagine creating a digital business you LOVE and bringing in enough money to live your freedom lifestyle and sharing it with your family. It’s your time to ensure your future and your families by being your own boss with your own digital income

Claim your Freedom and join the digital business owners carving out a different future for themselves and their families!



spots left, in Michelle's private coaching program - GUARANTEED to take you from zero to your 1st digital product

6 months of Private Coaching

Full Payment – $2,500

6 months of Private Coaching

6 monthly Instalments – $500 (total $3,000)


The Mission Mojo Private Coaching program is fully Guaranteed - if you follow the program and do not make your first sale within the 6 months, your investment will be returned! So basically you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain 🙂

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