Research First

This is a webinar I ran recently as a part of a series to help people get and grow online 🙂  If at any stage you want to move faster and/or have more personal coaching, please do consider my Private Coaching program – it is here that I can do my best work in getting you up and successful fast!  You may also be interested in the quick start program which will help those who would like get going fast and don’t need too much personal guidance.

Research is the most vital part of any business – online we’re lucky because there are some great tools for us to research and start our businesses in the BEST way, giving us the best opportunity to succeed 🙂

The research video can be watched below.

Research It

Ever wondered how to create a digital product that people actually want to buy?  In this first research video (recorded on Google Hangout) I reveal the steps to understanding your market online before you create a digital product for them. This is the 1st recording from a webinar series we’re running to help people tap into the knowledge in their heads and create something they can sell online in order to have more freedom in their lives.

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Time Stamps:

00:54 Introduction about us
04:43 Why are you here? why you interested in developing digital products?
06:09 Why digital products?
07:35 Why how tos?
09:13 The Plan(Research It, Creat It, Sell It)
12:38 Research It
13:51 Finding Your Niche-Hobbies/Skills
15:45 Finding your Niche-Real world
17:55 Finding Your Niche- Spend A Weekend
19:39 Look at the Research. Looking at the market for it
20:39 Keyword Research
36:19 Competition Research
37:20 Competition Online
45:11 How to ensure that your HOW TO hits the spot!
47:47 Pay Per Click
49:22 Facebook Groups
49:56 Linked in Groups
50:43 Forums
55:55 End

Here’s a bunch of links from the recording:

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Google Keyword Planning Tool:

Survey Monkey :

SEO Quake:

SEM Rush:

Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets etc.):


PPC Google (Adwords):

PPC Facebook:

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